Goblin Sorcerer, Chaos Magic


Gretch (the goblin sorcerer) was born into slavery deep underground in the mines of Bleakmire Throneholds. His mother Nibb lives in the mines to this day. Throughout his life he was harassed and tormented by a brutal human guard named Marlow. Whenever, Marlow was drunk he would threaten Gretch, “One day I’ll kill you, just like I did with your father. The witches have seen it; you will die by your hand.” When Gretch was 15 one of these sessions got out of hand, in defense Gretch stuck back with all of his sorcerers might and ran deeper into the cave system to escape his wrath. Gretch stayed in hiding searching out new passage for nearly a week before finding a small unguarded passage that lead to the surface. Gretch wanted to go back for his mother but believed what the witches had saw, Marlow would kill him if he returned. Gretch has promised to himself that he will go back for Nibb. He will wait until he has enough money to return to buy her out of slavery or he is strong enough to kill Marlow.

After traveling for some time he found his way to New Arkos and the Shade. In the Shade, Gretch joined Tuck’s Boys, a small street gang. They were mostly involved in minor theft, brawling and drinking. Until, they decided to go for a big take. They decided to rob a group of smugglers called the Claws of Grix. They bit of more than they could chew. During the heist two of the party were killed, Gretch was caught alive and he believes that Tuck got away. This is how Gretch found himself back in slavery.


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