Boswell the Who

Changeling Wizard, Cold Specialization


Boswell is an orphan. Nothing is known of his parents. Boswell is originally from a small village in the
Thunder Peak Barony. He grew up the first five years of his life on the street of that village. He learned
pretty quickly that his ability to look like almost any child helped him survive. When he was five, he was
taken in by an old maid dwarf, Duretta. She ran one of the local inns and Boswell often took food from
her. She started leaving food out for Boswell and he started hanging around and eventually he started
living in the inn. He learned to speak dwarfish since most of the patrons at the inns were dwarves and
he usually took the shape of a dwarf to fit in. His favorite visitor to the inn was a dwarf mage, Baldorin.
Baldorin befriended Boswell and help him to start to learn magic and learn to read. He also helped him
understand more about being a changeling. Boswell often earned tips by entertaining with cantrips.

When Boswell was 13, Duretta was killed in a fight the broke out in the inn. She was killed by a traveler
he heard them call Darkurin. Boswell attacked Darkurin, but since Boswell was a child Darkurin just
slapped him to the ground. Boswell hated Durkurin and committed Darkurin’s human face to memory
and will pay back what he did one day. The inn went out of business. Boswell stowed away on a wagon
that was going to New Arkos. Once he arrived, he found that taking on the image of a Dragonborn was
to his advantage and he also quickly learned Draconic. Boswell again lived on the street and was able to
use his unique skills as a changeling and his ability to entertain in bars and on the street to survive. He
learned his way around much of New Arkos.

One day Boswell noticed a Dragonborn that was dress much like his friend Baldorin. He followed him
and found that he had had drinks and visited with a group of friends every day in the The Dregs. Boswell
found he could listen in to their discussions by sitting by a tree against the wall outside the building and
listing to them. He learned that they were all mages and visited about their craft every day. He learned
by listening to them from them for about six months. He especially remembered spells about cold and
practiced the ones he could remember and understand. He missed his cold home.

One day he followed Karinn, the first mage he noticed, to his home in the Winged District. They met
and Boswell asked him if he could study with him. Karinn said no and ask him why he should. Boswell
proudly said he was Boswell the Cold and showed Karinn one of his best cold spells (one that he had
overheard by listening). Karinn laughed and said, “Bowell the Who?” (which Karinn called him from
then on) Karin asked him what school he had attended to learn the spells. Boswell said he had not been
to school but eventually confess to listen in on the mages afternoon meetings. Karinn was impress that
Boswell had learned so much on his own.

At age 16, Boswell became an apprentice of Karinn, a Dragonborn mage. Karinn was a hard teacher. He
worked Boswell hard. He saw Boswell had potential as a mage. Karinn had a large library of magical
and non-magical books where Boswell spent lots of his time. Boswell learned a lot from Karinn and
Boswell worked hard for Karinn. Karinn and Boswell tolerated each other.

When Boswell was 18, Karinn had a niece, Karra, that started to visit often. Boswell and Karra became
good friends over the next year and Boswell fell in love with her. Boswell never found out if she had
feelings for him. He had managed to hide that he was a changeling from Karinn and his niece

One day, when Boswell was 19, Karinn found him in is changeling form and ask him to leave his home
and not return and to not see his niece. Karinn said he would provide an introduction and pay his
entrance into one of the mage guild in the Scaled District but that is all he could do for him.

For the last three years, Boswell made a meager living working part time in the mage guild. He never
really felt accepted in the guild. He save up some gold and spent it to provide himself the tools he
needed to do some adventuring and to take on a few special adventuring task for business men in New
Arkos. Boswell believes that some of his adventuring was on behalf of Tradrem Kethtrod, but he is not
sure. Boswell has occasionally taken on his dwarf persona and traveled to the Shade to learn more
about that part of town . He enjoys the company of the dwarves and he has made a few dwarf friends.

Most recently, Boswell had taken on a small task to retrieve an object of some value for one of his dwarf
friends from whom it was stolen. Boswell had located the object and had made his plan to retrieve it.
Boswell had enlisted the aid of a rouge, Haar, that he had been lead to believe he could trust. Needless
to say he was wrong and Haar, betrayed his plans and Boswell was captured and sold to the slavers.

Boswell the Who

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