Slaves of New Arkos

Voyage Interrupted

A Bad Beginning

The heroes find themselves stripped of their belongings and chained inside a slaver’s three masted clipper, headed to an unknown destination. During the second night of their trip, the ship hit a large rock which freed both Gid, and a giant scorpion. Gid promptly grabbed the guard’s keys and freed the most dangerous looking slaves in the ship. No sooner had the heroes dispatched the elf and the scorpion when a muddy tentacle the size of a large tree burst into the side of the vessel depositing several Bullywugs inside. The heroes had to use whatever gear they could scrape together to fight the vicious frog-men. After defeating two waves of Bullywugs, the former slaves recovered their armor from a chest in the corner. Now fully armored, the slaves set their sights on escaping the ship, but then the tentacle smashed the floor on which most of them were standing whilst sending more enemies into their midst. During the deadly underwater battle, some heroes nearly lost their lives, but thanks to the magic users, they were triumphant in the end. After the battle, they swam through the belly of the ship to reach up through the captain’s quarters. Once they saw that the Captain’s skiff was missing, they crept up through a hole in the poop deck (giggle) to witness the scene above. Dozens of Bullywugs and pirates fight each other in the torrential rain while lightning occasionally illuminates a towering mass of muddy tentacles overshadowing the boat which is slowly breaking apart.



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