Slaves of New Arkos

Swashbuckling and Swimming

Buckle that Swash!

Our heroes started the evening on a sinking ship, besieged by Bullywugs, and attacked by a muddy Kraken. When the heroes took damage from staying in the captain’s quarters, they realized they had no choice but to fight. They convinced the five other slaves to try to swim to shore, and joined the fight. At first, the heroes joined with the slavers in killing off the Bullywugs in between dodging the massive blows from the muddy tentacles overhead. Once the Bullywugs were killed however, the heroes turned on their temporary allies out of vengeance for being enslaved (and the search for better weapons). In the middle of the fight, the kraken changed tactics from striking the deck from above to sweeping the deck from side to side. Some heroes responded by hanging off the side of the ship or climbing the rigging, while others hid back in the captain’s quarters. As the ship was coming apart, the swashbuckling slavers continued to swing from mast to mast to kill the heroes. While fighting the slavers, the heroes continued to climb the rigging to avoid the muddy tentacle’s attacks, and they eventually saw a large Bullywug on a large rocky plateau in deep meditation. When their attacks on this Bullywug started to make the tentacles quiver and lose volume, the heroes focused their ranged attacks to stop the muddy monstrosity. With magical energy and crossbow bolts, the heroes killed the shaman controlling the kraken, and the last of the pirates. With the ship sinking, the exhausted heroes each jumped to dry land (some more gracefully than others) and made their way inland to find a place to meet each other and sleep for the night.

The next day, the heroes were planning to track down their missing gear and the slaver captain when they found three of their fellow slaves lying unconscious on the beach. Proctor, an old human man who dislikes knives, Brawna Lockshire, a halfling woman who grew up sailing up and down the Bleakmire delta, and Mylon Lushlawlfliphen, an eladrin male who has yet to make an impression on the heroes. Proctor seemed strangely agitated and encouraged the heroes to search the shipwreck for materials to make shelter. The heroes seemed puzzled by this until Boswell revealed the truth by staring down the feeble old man. Proctor is addicted to Skooma, a magically infused alcohol with extremely unpleasant withdrawal symptoms. Proctor knows that there was some on board and successfully pleaded with the heroes to recover the crate of Skooma. After a three hour walk along the beach, the heroes find themselves back at the rock overlooking the shipwreck. They are greeted by the sight of shattered planks and dead bodies floating in the water. The joint smells of death and the open sea combine into a potent mixture while scores of carrion birds circle overhead.



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