Slaves of New Arkos

Five Surveyors and a Hostage Negotiation

Newly loaded with their gear and missing one of their number, the heroes set out to get a lay of the land. As they marched up the nearest mountain, several of their number proved to be athletically challenged causing some minor scrapes and bruises along the journey. Eventually, they managed to find a grassy knoll to overlook what proved to be an island. Three major landmarks stood out in the heroes mind. First, they spotted a watchtower on the north side of the ridge they were standing on. Second, they spied a large temple complex in a swampy area to the east. Third, they saw a massive dwarven-made column far to the north sprouting from a separate mountain range. The intrepid mountain climbers also spotted some small figures to the west around the area where the halfling Brawna was taken. After fighting some of the indigenous animal life, the heroes trekked back to their base camp to get some well deserved rest before rescuing the halfling. In the morning, they made their way up the coast until they crept up to the bullywug watering hole. The former slaves observed the bullywugs for an hour while they formulated their plan. Eventually, they presented themselves openly and attempted to barter with them: some food for the halfling. Some of the bullywugs went underwater to answer the heroes’ request, but they came back with allies and brandished weapons. The heroes quickly dispatched those that failed to swim away, but were left with the difficult situation of how to approach the bullywug lair. They decided to send Gungidum to scout ahead while the others remained topside.



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